Very Peri: The new must-have colour of the year

Very Peri: The new must-have colour of the year

We've been waiting a while, but it's time to talk about the much-discussed star of 2022: the pantone Very Peri!

We've heard so much about this new colour that, even if it's just a placebo effect, we're certainly going to end up buying a few clothes or accessories in that shade. And because lilac had already swept us off our feet last year, we couldn't miss out on this shade!

It is not easy to identify the details of this pantone; it could be mistaken for a slightly dark lilac, a too light purple or a slightly "confused" blue.

Instead, there is a much more complex analysis behind the birth of a colour. Because this is what it is all about: creating a new shade from scratch.

Extremely cute even as a name, Very Peri, suggests something sweet, embracing, magical and above all new.

Born primarily from periwinkle blue, but combined with a red-violet undertone, it perfectly embodied what we hope for at the end of the year: balance, tranquillity, rebirth and above all vitality.

These are the feelings that the creators wanted to convey with this colour.

We have already seen how a shade also plays a fundamental role in feelings and mood influences; every colour has its own weight in psychology and therefore an effect on human emotions.

In colour therapy, blue, for example, has a relaxing effect, transmitting tranquillity and security.

Red, on the other hand, as we know, is the colour of life; tenacity, energy and strength.

Purple is believed to be a colour that induces reflection, calm and meditation.

The Very Peri therefore wants to be the bearer of all these sensations and  good vibes together.

There could be no better wish for the new year; it is now up to us to try to reap the benefits of all that this shade wants to convey to us.

Fashion could only respond to the call: numerous designers have decided to bring the new colour of Spring 2022 to the catwalk, such as: Valentino, Ermanno Scervino, Isabel Marant, Lanvin, Tod's and many others!


Many people have always shied away from purple in their wardrobes, as it has become entrenched in the belief that it is a colour that brings bad luck. However, we always forget that in the past it was a colour often worn by nobles and the powerful.

Nevertheless, the new Pantone 2022 gives us a chance to dispel any superstition as it is basically a combination of several colours all with super positive attributes!

So, let's all put off colouring our lives with Very Pery! From clothing, to make-up, to home accessories, there will be plenty to indulge in this year!

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