Trend and sensuality: the origins of the Jumpsuite

In the last two years we have abused the word tracksuit, adopting this garment not only to stay at home, but also to go out and about and, in fact, as we all know, this type of clothing has become part of fashion as a real trend.

When we refer to the tracksuit, usually used at home, we immediately think of the sporting world, where the watchwords are: comfort, sweatshirt and trousers, but in fact the tracksuit was born as a unique piece.

The origin of the name goes back to 1919 by the Italian Ernesto Michahelles; the garment consisted of pockets and a belt that could be worn every day and was created to counteract the bourgeois fashion of the time.
Before it became a coveted garment in high fashion, it was used to protect workers during work because it covered the whole body.

Born with this practical and slightly nonconformist intention, the idea of the suit was soon appreciated by the Florentine bourgeoisie who made it an elite garment.
Today in fashion, it is often referred to as a jumpsuit, which was the term used to indicate the outfit of the paratroopers; instead, for a much tighter jumpsuit, catsuit is used, precisely to refer to something tight and agile, a bit like the jumpsuit worn by the famous Catwoman, icon of sensuality.

Once the boundaries of prejudice had been overcome and it was accepted as a real outfit, the catsuit soon became very popular; the biggest advent came when even big stars wore it in magazine photos or videos, such as Britney Spears, David Bowie or Madonna.
What we know for sure is that since they entered people's hearts, these suits have never left them. It's a trend that always comes back into vogue a few years later, or maybe it just never went away.

Like any trend, you certainly need to find out how to wear it to give your style the right touch of charm.
Many might think that jumpsuits are only suitable for certain body types, but on the contrary, there are ones for all tastes!

Let's take a look at some of them!

White for lifting
If you want to gain a few inches in height, the solution is to go for a neutral palette with light colours, for example a white jumpsuit. The optical effect will be your strong point!

Fantasy for petite women
If you're petite and want to draw attention away from your height, go for prints so that you're mesmerised by the fabric!

Bright colours for top statures
If, on the other hand, you're taller, you can treat yourself to super bright colours; red, fuchsia, electric blue, perfect for a playful and non-intimidating touch.
These are just a few examples of how in reality this type of garment can always be versatile, both in terms of colours and bodyshape.

The one piece suit has no boundaries, neither in shape nor fashion! Already in vogue in 2021, it will remain one of the most popular garments in 2022, especially for winter, but we are sure that it will be appreciated in the coming seasons too, if you choose the right fabric!
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