Towards sustainability in small steps

Friday, 22 April. World Earth Day.

Today is the day that should be celebrated every moment of the year, but although this is not yet the case, more and more people are approaching the subject of sustainability and respect for natural resources.

This topic is of enormous importance, there is no field of work, or personal, that should ignore this sensitivity towards the planet.

So why is this day celebrated?
The answer seems to be obvious, but never banal. International Mother Earth Day was created to dedicate the biggest environmental event there could be to our planet.

It has been celebrated every year on 22 April since 1970, to raise awareness of the climate change that has been affecting the Earth for too long.
The date chosen falls exactly one month and one day after the spring equinox, to honour the Earth and the concept of peace, in the hope that one day humanity will find itself being totally respectful of this enormous resource, from which it has already taken so much, too much, but has not yet given back.

Climate change, as we know, is at the root of the problems that pollution and mankind have brought about.

When a person thinks of pollution, he or she might naively think of something that is 'only' released into the air, not realising how much damage it can actually cause by occurring at all sorts of times.

Any 'production' that man has put his hand to has led to the creation of a kind of pollution, and here, the fashion industry is not exempt.

Over the years, the productivity of huge quantities of fabrics, clothes, bags and shoes made from NOT-eco-sustainable materials has worsened the already unstable situation of our planet, putting our hands on resources that are not unlimited and now we are beginning to reach the point of no return.

Fortunately, more and more people and industries have been affected by this situation and have been working for years to raise awareness and produce their products in a sustainable way.

Initially, it was more small brands that approached this issue by trying to be sustainable in every aspect of production; small but with a great responsibility, those who stuck it out certainly helped to start something that, if done consistently and rationally, could really improve the situation.

As awareness of this topic has grown, even industries that have focused on fast production at affordable prices, the so-called fast fashion, have begun to adapt their production chains, at least in part.
Many have started to introduce sustainable sections into their production strategy, trying to make packaging and transport less of an environmental impact, with the hope of one day eliminating them completely.
These include Zara and Asos.

In Italy there are some brands that have dedicated body and soul to this cause, becoming completely sustainable.

For example, ACBC, a shoe manufacturer. Their goal is to personally contribute to the battle against climate change by offering better business and more conscious choices.

It is never easy to fight for something that seems to have been given up, but with small steps and a lot of cooperation you can get very far.

Don't miss the opportunity to make a conscious choice about what to wear.

Happy Mother Earth day!