Three fall trends preview: Bella Hadid suggests how to be fashionable

The model was photographed in New York with an unexpected outfit: baggy jeans and sleeveless sweater, all surrounded by a "hobo" shoulder bag.

Summer instantly brings to mind uncovered, colorful and fresh looks, but Bella goes against the trend. In fact, her outfit includes denim, a vintage sweater and a leather bag, giving the "grandfather" look. Balancing nostalgia and sustainability, this is the fashion for Fall/Winter 2022/23.


 Let's take a quick look at other must-haves for the coming season!

1. Low-waisted baggy jeans

From 2000 to 2022: low-waisted jeans, there are those who love them and those who hate them. Many still don't give up the high waist, while others have already dusted them out of the closet to be in the latest fashion.
The wide version is a good compromise for everyone: it allows you to keep up with the latest trends, but without sacrificing comfort. They are super versatile and allow so many combinations: for a walk in the city, for the office or even for a drink. In can indulge yourself!

2. The vintage sleeveless sweater

Instead of the usual tops or blouse, Bella chooses to pair denim with a sleeveless sweater. It gives the so-called "grandpa look," vintage and retro.
From minimal models with neutral colors to colorful and fancy ones - everyone can find the one that best suits their personality. One can choose to buy from the new collections or decide to spend a Sunday afternoon peeking through stalls and vintage stores.

3. The "hobo" shoulder bag

In line with the comfort of jeans and the vintage sweater look, the hobo bag could not be missed. Also versatile and suitable for any outfit, it is also perfect for college and the office because of its practicality. It is roomy and allows you to carry books, tablets and water bottle. 

So that you can be trendy even in the office!


What are you waiting for to dust off grandma's closet or enjoy shopping among vintage stalls and stores? You will already be ready for a fashionable return to the office!