Stripes: from a nautical look to a timeless trend.

In spite of the still chilly temperatures, we are officially approaching spring.

You can feel the desire to put aside the heavier clothes in your wardrobe and pay attention to the lightness of the fabrics of the coming season.

Let's get ready to hide coats, scarves and jumpers and embrace the much-loved leather jackets, trench coats, T-shirts and especially spring prints.

We have seen how the latest trends have delighted us, even in the coldest season, with a mix of colours that still managed to give us a touch of warmth on gloomy, frosty days.

In winter, we didn't miss the opportunity to show off some very strong shades, a trend that, it seems, will continue next year.

At the moment, however, we can focus on the season of flowers, warmth and pollen-scented days (allergies aside).

Spring 2022 sees the classic desire for "freshness" reconfirmed; the classic bright colours are absolutely in vogue, even in a pattern such as stripes.

Tailoring, colours and prints form the perfect mix & match for spring/summer 2022.

We see the return of certain styles that are nevertheless combined with a certain innovation of combinations, giving surprising outfits.

This year the stripes are tinged in multicolour, but as we all know, the origin of this pattern was strictly in two colours: blue and white.

This combination clearly makes us think of one thing: the sea!

In fact, the link to the nautical style, which has always been associated with this type of print, is classic.

A look suitable for those with a slightly rebellious and strong spirit, similar to the temperament of sailors who are always away from home, over time it has also been brought back to a much more chic trend.

However, nothing works better than a style icon to elevate an item of clothing; this happened with the so-called "Chemise Breton" always associated with the man of the sea; this had a very specific motif: a shirt with 21 horizontal stripes, white and blue, to make men more visible at sea.

It was Coco Chanel who made this piece a must-have in many collections of the greatest designers, including Jean-Paul Gautier, Petit Bateau and Karl Lagerfeld.


Following the boom in the fashion world, more and more stars over the years have adopted this style with a taste of the sea, always mixing it with a touch of class and glamour, such as Audrey Hepburn, Brigitte Bardot, Cary Grant, Madonna and so on.

Fashion has been able to take a print such as stripes, born as something identifying a specific sector, and still manage to broaden its horizons, re-proposing them always in a different key, but maintaining the fidelity that has made them timeless.

So don't miss out on the chance to sport an iconic look like this this spring, colours and trends are on your side!