Spring 2022: Black returns as favourite

We've seen how in autumn brown has flown wide open and entered our wardrobes with true arrogance, so much so that it has almost downgraded the beloved black.

Of course, there are those who have never stopped wearing it; some people for reasons imposed by a certain type of work perhaps, somebody because they strongly believe in the mantra "black is slimming" and others because they simply love it so much that they would make Morticia Addams envious.

Whatever the reason for wearing it, lovers of total black can go home and relax!

Against all the feelings of rebirth and freshness that usually comes with the arrival of spring, this year we won't have only pastel colors clearly evocative of the season, but rather black!

Let's put aside for a moment the much-loved flowers as a symbol of spring and focus on an alternative proposal; this year we will focus more on a dark and sensual charm, as only black can provide.

On the other hand, as Miranda Priestly would say: "Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking."

So, get ready for some slightly gothic and even bondage looks, why not!  Already announced as a trend of the year 2022, the cut out is confirmed also in spring; unexpected cuts and black color, what could be more appealing?

This "color" may or may not be liked, but it definitely has a charm all its own.

Also in psychology, black is something linked to mystery, to the unconscious, to darkness as well, but above all to the unknown and what is not known, although it scares a lot, can also attract.

However, it was in 1926 that the wonderful Coco Chanel made the little black dress unforgettable, giving the color a whole new interpretation, becoming a symbol of elegance and pure harmony.

The black dress code may seem banal, certainly each occasion may have its own preference, but in certain cases, if you are undecided, it doesn't hurt to go for a "safe" outfit.

However, as we all know, armocromy would see black as suitable for only one palette: that of winter. So, according to these studies, if a person has a warm undertone and warm colors, he will belong to autumn or spring and therefore, would not hold up to black.

Certainly, we should not feel obliged to wear what armocromy recommends; as the name says, it's about color harmony, if we decided to dress according to our palette we would simply be more valued.

What's important is to feel good about the colors we wear, often it's just a matter of habit, but if you feel confident wearing black, don't let that stop you!

Anyway, this color will be super in vogue in spring-summer 2022, so palette or not we will all have the perfect excuse to wear it all the time!

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Let yourself be carried away by the mystery that only this color can create!