Rediscovering the importance of colour

Rediscovering the importance of colour

Today, May 6, we celebrate World Color Day, the perfect opportunity to remind everyone how much beauty surrounds us.
Also known as "World Kids Colouring Day", it was born in 2008, to raise awareness among children about their less fortunate peers, unable to see the world in color.

Born to send a message to children, but suitable for all ages, even for adults who often forget more than children that the world is colorful.

Colors have a fundamental role in our life, so we could define this day also a hymn to life, the opportunity to understand how much diversity is present around us and especially how much colors can express our emotions, fantasies and moods.

We have already seen how important color is also in the fashion world, if we start talking about Seasonal Color Analysis we break through a wall of endless possibilities and opinions on what color can express, especially if worn.
In fact, the moment we decide to wear a certain shade of color, we are expressing what we feel and what emotions we are experiencing.

What is the world feeling in 2022? What are the most coveted colors and why? Let’s see some of them, ready to inspire us as pills of positivity!

Orange Mandarin - One of the main colors of this "Happy Fashion", made of bright shades. It conveys joy, the antidote of designers during this season. We see it included in the capsules of many designers, including: Jacquemus, JW PEI, Max Mara.

Pink Fuchsia - The shocking pink, sparkling, seen on the Versace, Valentino, is a strong color that does not go unnoticed. It conveys good humor and optimism, in view of a more serene summer.

Yellow - What’s brighter than the color associated with the sun? Yellow earns its place on the color throne in this 2022. Its nuances are multiple and always full of good vibes!

Lilla - Very Peri had already announced in style its pantone as one of the protagonists of 2022 and also in spring we see it reconfirmed. On the other hand, lilac/purple falls into one of the colors of the chakras, in particular the seventh, linked to the marked ability to think, linked to the sense of self-realization. A color that leads to believe that anything is possible.

Kelly Green - An intense green, the color tends to be associated with Saint Patrick’s Day, but in 2022 it became a real trend, Bottega Veneta can take part of the merit as it began to use color a while ago. To conclude, two is better than one; together with the green Kelly, we also have the Lemon Green, ready to close this circle of colors and positive vibes. It has already been super used in the runways of 2022 and certainly we will see it last to always bring a touch of freshness and vitality!

What about you? What color do you see in the world?
Surround yourselves with positivity!



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