Preppy: a style without boundaries

When you first came across the term 'Preppy', how many of you were a bit confused, not knowing what it meant?
It's nothing more than an abbreviation of 'preparatory school' which, as the name suggests, refers to the uniforms worn by American college kids.

Originating around the 1950s-60s, in these very educational environments, Preppy has always been a very detailed, neat and impeccable style; just what you would expect from kids attending a school provided with uniforms.

But how did such a strict style catch on around the world?
We have already talked about the resourcefulness and genius of the American dreamer Tommy Hilfiger, also remembering that it was he who consecrated the Preppy Style around the 1970s all over the world.

Hilfiger was able to take a risk at the right time; he managed to renew a set look (and often not loved by those who had to wear it) into a sophisticated and versatile one, also suitable for occasions outside of school; he was able to raise the classic uniform to one of the most worn styles in the world.

But let's admit it, apart from this great designer, the reason why preppy has entered the hearts of many people is that in the 90s and 2000s we saw it again in various American TV series and not only: from Dawson's Creek to Gossip Girl, up to the stage with the music of the famous Britney Spears.


Most young people will have empathised with the adventures of these boarding school kids, so much so that they will want to imitate them in the way they dress.

This was a great boost for all those designers who, along with Hilfiger, had decided to dedicate some of their collections to the preppy look, to name but a few: Ralph Lauren, Vines Vineyard, Brooks Brothers.

Let's take a look at the must-haves for this outfit, for both women and men.


-Cardigan with buttons
-Collared polo shirt and button-down shirt: perfect with matching jumpers to show off the neck, either round or pointed.
-Flats and simple heels
-V-neck jumpers: in cotton or cashmere also perfect to wear over a shirt or around the shoulders.


-Polo shirt: timeless also for men's wardrobe
-Capri trousers: classic British style trousers, perfect to be worn with a moccasin.
-Mocassin: precisely, the must-have shoe of this style
-Blazer: What would a man in preppy style be without his tailored jacket?
-Cardigan: for those who still like a bit of comfort, it remains impeccable for keeping warm but always in style.

The common points are many in fact, the cornerstones of this outfit are very clear. However, nothing has stopped fashion from re-proposing them with an extra touch of attitude.
Adorable, isn't it? A perfect style even for those who have never had to wear a uniform to school, but maybe have always wanted to.
Always be daring with your combinations, this year fashion allows it more than ever, so create your perfect preppy outfit this spring!