New trend leaders for fall and winter 2022/2023

New trend leaders for fall and winter 2022/2023

By now we are just a short time away from this year's upcoming autumn/winter season. Let's see together what the fashion style proposals are!

You will definitely not go wrong if you wear garments with bright, cool and fluorescent colors, continuing in a way the trend that already started this summer with tops, bikers or miniskirts. In particular, we will find this brightness on clothes such as blazers and suits. However, black will also be among the colors highly appreciated by fashion brands such as Versace, Armani, Fendi etc..

Among materials and fabrics, velvet, sequins and vinyl stand out as the most recommended on which to build a complete outfit. Especially skirts and tops for evening will be among the most used novelties of the season!

Another characteristic element that we will find again are transparencies: of different thicknesses, materials and shapes on many different garments, they will give rise to new and original looks with which to show off. 



Among the most beloved and characteristic coats of autumn also this year can not miss the quintessential beige trench coat elegant and combinable with a variety of outfits and patterns. Its shades of beige as sand, ivory, ginseng, hazelnut, but also chalk, ice, champagne are often together with a dark leather bag, high shoes and a pair of sunglasses.  

Finally, for the 2022/2023 winter season, synthetic furs, strictly not real ones are among the most trendy coats. In fact, they are appreciated for their great compromise of personality, style but also sustainability of the garment, a very current theme to be defended and supported even during the most famous red carpets in the world! This allows the big names to be able to create furs, overcoats and coats with particular colors such as lilac, purple, yellow, etc...

In addition, this garment is paired during fashion shows among the latest novelties with transparent lingerie such as a bra, support stockings or leotards, creating a nice contrast in the final look.  


We hope these latest updates will help you with your new purchases or future gifts as early as next month!
Stay with us to find out all the news that the fashion world will give us this year!




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