What fashion has in store for us: men's trends autumn/winter 2022-23

As we all know, we have reached one of the most eagerly awaited moments of the year; the catwalks are filled with models who, floating about, inform us of the trends that will be in vogue for autumn/winter 2022-23.

Of course, we are talking about Fashion Week, the forefather of fashion announcements for each season, and this year we will once again be able to admire the creations of our favourite designers.

Men's fashion kicked off the event; from 14 to 18 January we were able to see what's in store for our boys this winter.

Generally speaking, over the centuries the concept of fashion has always been something that has been linked more to women than to men, due to a mentality that usually links the outward appearance to something "frivolous" and a matter of appearance.

Fortunately, over time this concept that only women should be subject to the rules of fashion has been dispelled, and in recent years more and more men are taking care of their appearance in an impeccable manner.

We have already seen how the world of fashion (and not only) has had to adapt to major changes in the last two years; even in 2022 we will not be able to see the fashion shows totally live and with face to face meetings as in the past, but in any case the historic brands that have attended this event so far have been able to give us the image of a modern man, free to express himself, wear genderfluid clothes and dare with colours.

Menswear has great news in store for autumn-winter 2022; among the designers who have not given up presenting their collections are: Pitti, Fendi, Etro, Dolce&Gabbana, Prada and Zegna.

In particular, Zegna, the leader of masculine elegance, presents us with a new version of the three-piece suit: jacket, shirt and trousers in the same material, but of different thicknesses, so that they can be combined in other ways, a real change for this outfit.
Zegna's much-loved colour, vigogna, reigns supreme: a reddish-yellow that is used in many of the garments in his capsule collection.


In any case, it was predicted as early as 2021, in these years there is a great return to the fashions of the past; we have seen that many details of the '70s, '80s and '90s made their way timidly into the previous season, but from this week's runways we can surely say that they will remain for the next.

The catwalks of this fashion week are ridden with outfits that take us back in time, but which are part of a trend that we can no longer do without: we find the much-loved flared trousers, printed fabrics, velvet dresses and above all oversized clothing to keep us always wrapped in a soft embrace.


It seems that the key words for next season will be comfort and style!
Let's just wait and see what our beloved brands have in store for women in the coming weeks!