MFW 2022 : anticipations for the next autumn/winter season

In January 2022, the focus was on men's fashion, which provided us with plenty of inspiration this year, but women's fashion did not shy away from looking more fashionable than ever. In fact, in the last week of February, it was back in the spotlight even brighter: from 22 to 28 Milan was coloured pink, presenting us with the long-awaited event as a perfect combination of fashion, art and creativity.

We haven't actually entered spring 2022 yet, but as we know, fashion never sleeps and has already enraptured us with the garments presented for the next autumn-winter season, so much so that we almost wish we could wear them already!

Let's start with colour; who will be the star this time?


A great comeback has been announced for a very classic shade, but one that is often underestimated, perhaps because it is often used in formal contexts and therefore associated with something not very innovative.
Who are we talking about? BLUE, yes, a shade that always conveys a certain tranquillity, a sort of safe haven.

Drawing on the various catwalks, such as New York, London and Milan, we have seen how all the shades linked to this pantone are making their way through: from light blue to sky blue and midnight blue.

Many are in love with this colour and have included it in their capsules; Alberta Ferretti, Capasa, Prada and Moschino are among the major exponents.

One thing we have realised for sure in recent times is that, whatever the season, we must not be shy with colours!

Very bright colours are confirmed for the coming winter; in addition to the bright shades of blue, we find the vibrancy of red, orange, pink and mauve.

It will be essential to focus a lot on suits like those by Gianluca Capannolo, where bright colours will be the stars.


As has already been announced, the men's cut suit is definitely (and will continue to be) a must-have in every woman's wardrobe.

If we follow this style, we will also see a lot of mannish style in the women's look, so we will have soft and long lines for trousers, straight jackets and broad shoulders.

Obviously the male look has to be adapted to the body of a woman who will then enrich it with accessories, such as a belt, a hat or a bag.

For those who in recent years have become accustomed to a comfortable and not "oppressive" style, have no fear, these will not be purely suits for the home, but comfort will not be abandoned this year either.
The oversize remains a constant next winter, we will see coats and jackets in this style, but with a touch of creativity: from animalier to teddy bear, to bright colours, even if more "hidden" and shrouded, we will not go unnoticed!

Let's see if our stylists have any more surprises in store for us, but for the time being it promises to be a season full of style and comfort!