Looking back: the return of fashions - Trends for 2022

We've just left 2021 behind us and, even if these early days of the new year make us a little worried, the hope of getting back to normality soon is always alive.

It's time to get back to work and the classic post-holiday frenzy, but as we all know, there is one thing that has never stopped: fashion!

In recent years, despite the various closures, we have been able to have fashion on our side at all times.

Clearly, this sector like all others has had to hold its own and find ways to adapt to the new rhythms imposed by this new lifestyle.

We have all spent a lot of time wandering the internet looking for clothes and accessories that we might not have been able to wear at the time, but wanted to buy anyway.

All this was possible precisely because fashion never stopped; the big brands reinvented themselves over the previous two years, setting up fashion shows to show their collections, even remotely, in a totally digital version so as not to lose the magic that only events like fashion weeks can give.

Certainly it may have had a different flavour, but it could still be considered an experience: one of the most eagerly awaited events of each year seen "from the comfort" of your own sofa.

This year, too, the big moment has arrived; we are approaching the start of the Milan fashion week where we will be able to find plenty of news and inspiration.

2022 will leave it up to the designers to choose whether to attend the fashion show live or to hold it once again on a delayed basis, what is certain is that we will soon see what will characterise our next year in terms of style.

While we are waiting to find out what the fashion world has in store for us, let's review some of the trends that took hold in year 2021 and that we are sure to see again in year 2022.

As we have said, these last two years have certainly been characterised by moments of nostalgia for the past and fashion has certainly not failed to look back either:

The return to the style of the 70s and 90s has not gone unnoticed.

Low-waisted trousers, psychedelic prints and padded shoulders are back with a shy melancholy; let's not forget the much-loved grunge and punk style that has already made its appearance on many catwalks, where models sported gritty leather total looks.

Men are also adapting to this trend; the latest trends for the male gender are all about revival.

As with the women's look, the 70s are all the rage and the glam rock look is the most popular: bell-bottoms, leather and bright colours.

As far as shoes are concerned, there is a big trend towards the use of tanks on moccasins and boots, which are therefore identified with the jargon "chunky".

In short, maybe it's true that everything comes back sooner or later! Each time with an extra touch, with a more elaborate concept of a certain style, but fashion never ceases to surprise us, even when it digs up the past.

We look forward to seeing what the Milan fashion week has in store for us next, but until then, visit our website for the latest trends!