Learn more about the trendy mini bags, protagonists of fashion in recent years!

In recent years, mini bags have become the stars of new fashion collections until we arrive at the present day where in every influencer's closet we find handbags so small that we wonder, "but what do they contain?" In particular, we are talking about the Jacquemus that have become viral for their colors, square shape, small size and design.

But where do they come from?

Simone Porte Jacquemus founded her brand in 2010 at the age of just 20. After a few years, he created the "chiquita Bags"; initially made to accompany invitations to a Paris fashion week fashion show, but by have been much more successful than the founder expected, so much so that bloggers and influencers have gone crazy and proceeded to make them a must-have.

These small bags have been worn by the most famous celebrities who have made them a must-have accessory to complete their outfits, as Bella Throne, the Kardashians and Emily Ratajkowski show us.

But how to wear these little devils that barely hold car keys?

A Jacquemus can be worn in any kind of look, from casual to dressy it fits perfectly in any context. They can be carried by hand, used as a fanny pack or simply as an accessory. In particular, in the case of a monochrome outfit the presence of a brightly colored mini bag enhances the look by giving it character.

In case, on the other hand, it is paired with a particularly oversized outfit, the contrast between the clothing and the mini bag will draw attention to the latter making it the accessory that will characterize the final rendition of the look.

Obviously, the transition from the use of large bags to mini bags entails the elimination of the superfluous forcing the wearer to store only the bare essentials such as, for example, the card holder and house keys sometimes leaving outside even the smartphone often kept in the hand or in the pocket if the outfit allows it.
So let's dispel the myth that inside a woman's handbag there has to be everything; we often need lightness and essentiality too!
This is absolutely a strong point of mini bags, which will also give you the right excuse to reject any suggestion of "Hey sorry does it fit in your bag?"

We conclude by saying that we consider mini bags an essential accessory, sometimes a bit difficult if you are used to always have everything behind, but with these bags you will definitely be light and fabulous!

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