How to dress for a summer wedding? Here are some super stylish and chic looks!

Have you received an invitation to a wedding recently and don't know what dress to wear because it is particularly hot? Here are some tips for you!

Fashion trends 2022 invite us to take a look at the best street style looks; to identify the styling of the dress, with a combination of sandals or pumps and accessories, always respecting our style.

Let's start right away by breaking down a stereotype: you don't have to wear heels to a wedding!

You have to feel free and comfortable in what you wear; so choosing to wear flats is not a problem, always trying not to compromise on elegance! Those who think that wearing a low shoe will ruin the whole outfit will have to think again, we are sure.

If you want to give it a try, combine a dress with an empire silhouette with low-slung slingbacks, you will notice that this combination has nothing to envy to one with heels.

Can't do without a stiletto or block heel? For you too, there are endless matching possibilities, the most minimal proposals are definitely those with lace and puff sleeve dresses or those decorated with hemlines or feathers.

The street style of summer 2022 does not renounce colours and also makes use of bold colours, which are almost impossible to miss, the most popular being ultraviolet, yellow, strawberry pink, turquoise and lavender. Summer is definitely the season when we can be more daring with colours, even using them for a total look. An example is a pretty pastel pink suit with a glossy finish.

Let's take a look at some head-turning looks!

Here's a guest who decided to forego the heel and wear an ultra-flat slingback, paired with a long dress and voluminous skirt. You're sure to make a good impression with this super elegant look!
If you are a lover of lace, tulle and puffed sleeves; this proposal might inspire you. The guest has chosen a colour that speaks of light-heartedness and minimal sandals that do not steal the show from the dress.
Transparencies and feathers accompanied by a long strawberry-coloured dress and paired with high-heeled slingbacks are a perfect match. Instead of a Louis Vuitton handbag, we can pair it with a clutch with some precious details.
This is a perfect look for a daytime wedding, a medium length dress is great for the dress code cocktail attire, unlike evening ceremonies which require a long dress.

Here too we find lace in the dress and feathers in the bag. The mint colour choice is perfect for the summer season.

Being in the summer season, we can also dare with colours, of course you already know which colours to avoid at a wedding: white and black. Certainly a flamboyant and sunny look that can be part of a guest outfit.
And why not consider the suit, better if we choose candy shades and shiny fabrics. Even in a total look.
Last but not least, if the dress code calls for a long, elegant dress, why not opt for a delicate cut-out?

The colour alone should also be taken into consideration, a magnetic ultraviolet.

That's the end of our proposals for an elegant, sometimes comfortable look, which we recommend you take a look at and give some thought to! Do you have any weddings this summer? If so, please choose according to your taste and you certainly won't go wrong!