Garments and accessories in armor with your season!

Change the season, change the color in dressing! But are we sure?
We have dealt with this topic before, and we can assure you that armocromy has not yet gone out of fashion, on the contrary! Those who rely on it can always be confident and face all seasons with their palette!

Let's see together a quick guide for optimal shopping according to your season of belonging! Discover on-trend accessories that best enhance you according to the principles of armochromy, the science that studies colors and its favorable or unfavorable combinations for each physical characteristic.

Over-the-knee boots

Among the fall trend shoes, certainly can not miss the high boots that touch the knee along with the contrast of a minidress or miniskirt. This novelty has appeared many times among the catwalks of the latest fashion events. They can give a fashionable touch to the complete look, with platforms or without. Here is an example of ETRO's corsair ones, in a color like purple or fuchsia to match them for a cold season person like winter. In fact, colors that have a deep, bluish base and shade are recommended for "winter" people, even black for example.

Shoulder bag without a shoulder strap

A growing, now on-trend accessory of any shape, fabric and detail added to enrich looks especially in fall. With the chain worn on one side and not cross-body. Just for people with warm undertones and no color contrast, chocolate brown, green, mustard or burgundy are perfect colors to choose and match between accessories and garments!


Caps and headbands

For women "summer" season, pastel colors, gray or shallow blue are preferable. For example, highly recommended for the coming seasons and falling temperatures are beret hats. Classic elegant and French style complements many sober and simple looks.

Wool headbands are also a great accessory to buy, sewn and braided as if they were a bow, super feminine.


Dangling earrings

Finally, for the characteristics of people who belong to the "spring" season, bright colors such as coral red, meadow green and deep orange are highly recommended, even combined in contrast to each other. In fact, the undertone of the skin they have approaches the warm golden and bright shades. So many new types, shapes, fabrics and shades in trend are for pendants, street style or glam, more or less long to the neck.


Colorful scarves are also always a must have in winter, your outfits, if constructed right, will only look their best with the specific pairings you choose from all the shades available in your palette of choice! 


What's easier, you don't even have to wonder if the colors in the palette look good together, because within your own season everything goes with everything!

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