Find out the perfect look for your Valentine's Day!

Have you started to feel a different sense of tenderness in the last few days?
Are you seeing hearts of any size everywhere you look? If you are also experiencing an exponential sense of sweetness that accompanies you throughout your days, rest assured, you are not under the effect of a love potion! Valentine's Day is just getting closer!!!

Lovers, I can see you coming up with the perfect evening to spend with your partners!

Long established throughout Europe, this holiday of pagan origins has always sweetened our hearts during the month of February, but perhaps not everyone really knows its history.

February 14 is identified as the day of lovers and takes its name from the saint and martyr, Valentine of Terni.
It was instituted in 496 A.D. by Pope Gelasio I who replaced a previous pagan festival having rites related to fertility.

The legends linked to this day are many, but in particular it is recognized as the feast of lovers because St. Valentine was the first to celebrate the marriage between a pagan legionary and a young Christian girl; for this he was also executed, but he tied this day to the memory of what love is ready to face in order to be united.

Nowadays, the celebration has definitely taken on a mostly commercial value, but then again, any excuse is good to make your loved one happy, whether it's a dinner, a trip or a simple gesture of love like a bouquet of flowers.

In addition, I like to bet that those who choose to celebrate it will be assailed by the fateful question, "What should I wear?" .
In particular, the ladies will be afflicted by this question eager to hit straight to the heart of their partner.

But let's see together what could be some of the best outfits to spend an evening by candlelight.

First of all, you can certainly bet on the color; what better shade to choose if not the most loved on this day? We are obviously talking about red!
It is known to be the color of love by definition, plus it is super in trend this year!

For the look I suggest you focus on elegance, but also on simplicity; a sheath dress that highlights your body shape is always ideal, plus you can choose the color that enhances you more!
Matching it with a cardigan that keeps you warm and plays down at the same time, you will have a look suitable for any occasion!

If you prefer to focus on something more casual, but super fashion, I suggest you take inspiration from the outfits of "Emily in Paris". Lily Colins gives us in both seasons so many inspirations to make us always stand out and never look ordinary!
Like this fantastic outfit with shorts and blazer; it won't be difficult to replicate it and combined with a particular pair of tights it will fit perfectly even on Valentine's Day.
On the other hand, who can inspire us if not those who live in Paris, the city of love?


When in doubt, go for the accessories! Red color and many, many hearts!

Have you already run to find the perfect outfit?
However, remember that in any occasion, dinner out or at home, what should never be missing is love! Good luck!