Colours: how to wear happiness

Colours: how to wear happiness

The 21st of March has officially come and gone, spring has knocked with punctuality again this year; although the temperatures are not yet at their warmest, the sunny days and the scent of blossoming flowers make us long for rebirth.

This is the power of spring; at this time of year we find ourselves surrounded by the blossoming of many plants, in particular we see cities turn pink where there are cherry or prunus trees, nothing like these landscapes to officially communicate the arrival of the new season.

It's a well-known fact that in spring we are always more inclined to put aside dark colours and start wearing softer shades, from pink to light blue, lilac to light blue, or in any case purely pastel shades.

However, as any self-respecting colour consultant would say, the palette of your season is good all year round! So if you rely on your tones and undertones, you won't go wrong.

However, it's not just the colour scheme that "dictates the law", over the last couple of years the pandemic has made sure that we adapt in every respect and, of course, fashion has responded.

We've said it over and over again, and we've seen it again and again: the top trend of recent times is bright, vibrant colours.

What used to be considered an eccentric or too flashy colour has turned into a must-have; although depending on one's taste, a coloured item seems to be a must in one's wardrobe.
Following the obstacles faced in recent years, fashion has decided to bring happiness through clothing. Finding the grit to go on thanks to what you wear, this was the real trick up your sleeve, after all, the psychology of colours goes hand in hand with this concept and designers decided to make the most of it.


The 2022 colour palette is a loud and clear call against going unnoticed; the eye will have to get used to seeing strong colours for tenacious and always daring outfits, let's see some of them;

Returning to the idyllic vision of the cherry trees in the avenues in spring, the first colour that will certainly not be missing is pink. However, it will be a darker and stronger shade, the classic bubblegum shade that makes any woman feel like an eternal little girl.
Extra point for pink, which is genderless again this year.

When the sun comes out, we have to adapt. The colour yellow is not appreciated by everyone, but what shade gives more joy than this? But be careful because we are talking about artificial yellow, which is harsher, but still with a touch of grit that sets it apart.

This colour doesn't need much explanation, red is fire, sensuality and power par excellence. Wear it and your clothes will speak for you, perfect also in business meetings to show confidence.

Like yellow, it is not a shade to be underestimated, it communicates energy in every aspect! Excellent in a modern key with soft and light almost exotic looks, or for more rebellious and underground outfits.

These are just some of the most popular shades, but if you dare to dare with colours and combinations, you won't have to worry about going unnoticed anymore!

Let yourself be carried away by the power of colours and decide when to wear happiness!

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