Chunky Shoes: comfortable with style! Discover the "ugly" but super cool shoe!

The comfortable, sporty style has now completely conquered everyone's hearts; a way of dressing that not only applies to clothing, but also (and above all) to shoes.
In the last two years in particular, the majority of the female population, even on the most formal occasions, has set aside the much-vaunted 12 heel to make way for a comfortable, much less painful shoe.

Certainly it was not a radical renunciation of wearing one of the greatest symbols of elegance and sensuality for women; a beautiful décolleté is always welcome in a shoe cupboard. However, not with any difficulty I dare say, we increasingly adore the choice of "downplaying" an outfit with a low, or better still, sporty shoe.

Is this just an excuse? Come on, comfy lovers, we don't judge, on the contrary!

Rather, what if I told you that there was a shoe that would allow you to be both comfortable and lift a few inches? (power to the little ones)

Well, this spring you can be comfortable, cool and even a little taller! The chunky shoe style has conquered a bit of everyone.

This adjective is typically used in English to describe objects that can be "thick" or "heavy"; in this case, reference is made to the sole, which is decidedly thicker than a classic shoe, precisely to have the function of raising, a bit like the heel.

Some might call the shape of this shoe ugly or unattractive, but when a trend becomes established and is worn by celebrities, it is difficult not to make it go viral.

This trend was launched on the market by the Balenciaga brand, which took its cue from the Nike Air Max of the 90s and reinterpreted them; it made them so attractive that, despite the fact that many considered them unfeminine, it managed to start a real mass production, both by the big brands and by fast fashion afterwards.

These shoes may or may not be loved, but one thing is certain: there are those who know how to wear them so stylishly that they have become a real must-have.

As we were saying, following Balenciaga's debut, many celebrities and influencers have taken action to make them popular! Perfect for a total sporty look, but also to play down an elegant one, perfectly mixing a formal outfit with a comfortable one in total harmony.


If you still haven't convinced yourself to wear chunky shoes to be super cool this season, let me tell you that even a real undisputed fashion icon had already adopted a very similar shoe look.

We are talking about Lady D of course! We have already praised her elegance and the fact that she was always impeccable, but this time she was light years ahead! As you can see from this super sporty photo, with an oversized sweatshirt, cycling shorts and trainers, the ancestors of the chunky ones!

What are you waiting for? Hurry up and find your super cool shoes for the season!