Bikini or one-piece swimsuit? A summer of inclusivity and body positivity

One of the questions we ask ourselves these days before packing our suitcase for the beach is: bikini or one-piece?

Let's say that the one-piece bathing suit was the only option to go to the beach until the 1950s, this is because the two-piece was considered as something sinful, a symbol of transgression, even women who decided to wear it were sometimes fined! Incredible isn't it?

The turning point comes in the 1960s, a period in which the two-piece from "dangerous piece" turns into a MUST HAVE.

Having overcome the barriers of transgression, it becomes a free and conscious choice of what costume to wear, but, despite this, the one-piece swimsuit does not go out of fashion, reason why each person has complete opportunity to wear what they feel comfortable with. Indeed to this day, the one-piece swimsuit is not even considered "outdated" or "old" but rather a symbol of sophistication and elegance.

But let's try to see what can trigger the mechanism of choice: one-piece or bikini?
As in everything, you have more positive or less positive aspects, depending on the decision made, but always at the discretion of the person making it.

Let's start with the one-piece swimsuit: it is more opaque, it makes those who are not comfortable with their bodies; it is certainly elegant, to give a chic image of oneself.

Although opaque it can enhance the silhouette depending on the model chosen, more low-cut on the back, or on the breasts; without cups or with some balconette cups.

However, it must be said that with the one-piece swimsuit the tan is definitely penalized, white belly, marks too obvious. Perhaps it is to consider the one-piece swimsuit option in the last days of vacation, when by now we have already taken some color.

The bikini, on the other hand, is the most widely used and seen swimsuit at the beach to date.
As opposed to the one-piece swimsuit, it makes our tan even.

The two-piece also has several variations: bandeau, triangle, matching, mismatched, in short, we can really indulge ourselves with the two-piece.

The disadvantages of the bikini, on the other hand, are the few inches of fabric that, if not properly fastened, would "risk" revealing the beauties, to turn the heads of those present at the beach.

Of course, this brings us to the much-loved discourse of body positivity, for which each person should choose to wear, or not, the piece with which he or she feels most comfortable.
It is time to overcome the clichés related to the correct costume and body shape, because everyone shines when they feel good about themselves!

So let us conclude with a piece of advice: the swimsuit that makes you feel better when you wear it is the one for you!

We don't necessarily have to consider the beach as a catwalk, that's why that we have to choose the one we like best, in our measure of taste! Here, that one will definitely be the most suitable for you! Let's erase the taboos, the swimsuit test is only in our heads!