Back to office tips and must-haves outfit! How to face September at its best!

To be better prepared for the return to the office and college in September, here are all the must-have outfits from the latest releases for you!

I migliori blazer donna saldi estate 2019 che indossi anche in autunno

Definitely can't miss:

-The blazer: super flexible of each color and shape enriches the look;

-The long-sleeved top: one of the most sought-after garments even among the luxury fashion shows of the big names;

-The classic suit, perhaps transformed into a modern over-size;

-The shirt with wide sleeves: a classic garment but revisited precisely thanks to this detail of the sleeves that make it modern;

-The loafer with sock: makes your outfit super current;

-The long trench coat: a safety for the fall season;

-The midi skirt: elegant but also suitable for any occasion;

-The leather jacket: a great classic that fits with all looks;

-Cargo pants: finally, comfort combines fashion with this latest sought-after garment.

Come abbinare i pantaloni moda donna 2019 militari in #14 look

All the garments we have named, can be adapted to any age and occasion, if worn in the right way. They can indicate a stylish return to school, perhaps wearing simple jeans with a shirt and loafer, or an outfit that is also perfect for a softer, more casual return to work.
In order not to break away from summer right away, we recommend long dresses that are also suitable for mid-season, perhaps downplayed by an ankle boot or sneaker; a nice blazer to complete the outfit and off you go, ready for work!

Let's not forget that for a comeback with a bang, whether at school or at the office, in addition to the style worn, you need to have it in the little things that will keep us company every day, between school desks or on desks!
We are talking about stationery, because nothing speaks of September more than a nice pencil case, agenda or journal! Perfect for starting the year again and marking all the appointments.

Instead, among the most sought-after and beloved accessories by the young and the old, there are definitely: highlighters, pencil cases, diaries or journals and notebooks of different sizes. 

In collaboration with Pigna, among the newly released novelties Chiara Ferragni has created the new stationery collection for Back to School 2022. It features her favorite color shades pink, light blue and green and several attractive textures to try. Among her most unique accessories is the faux fur journal! 

Office gadgets that can make a difference:

-Accessories kit for working from any location, whether at home or in the office, consisting of 18 items in one, as shown in the photo;

-Wall calendars: useful to help you organize and simplify schedules, display work plans, and from also colors the room;

-Desk organizer: useful for keeping all your materials in order, especially if the available space you have is limited;

-Posture monitor: curious and nice tool and reliable friend for monitoring your posture while you work, right down to calculating how many steps you take and at what distance you arrive!


etc... In short, the choice is really wide, now it's just up to you to prepare as best you can!